This spec bump to A10 whilst retaining the screen means iOS 13 will still support the form factor of the A9-based iPhone SE.

Apple refreshes the iPod touch with the iPhone 7’s processor - The Verge

Was jogging this morning when my Nike rubber shoes decided that it was time to throw in the towel. Tsk tsk. Was able to squeeze in a few more minutes to complete my routine. Shoe shopping imminent.

Go! Go! Delete your Facebook accounts!

#DeleteFacebook gains momentum after the platform refused to remove doctored Nancy Pelosi videos

If it makes Facebook money, they don’t care even if it is not true, incites violence, harasses others or causes mental health deterioration.…

Loving the (PRODUCT) Red Apple iPhone XS leather case I got at 70% off. :)

Is this true? Won’t be surprised if it is so

Whatsapp Is Introducing Ads and May Remove End-to-End Encryption

Huawei needs an app ecosystem if it were to survive after Google Play pull-out. It can use AOSP, OR it can have its own OS. For apps, maybe concentrate on making PWAs as first class citizen.

Wow! Huawei or another, Huawei can’t catch a break. There is no workaround for the ARM technologies - will they replace the Kirin architecture and run AOSP?…

Interesting read

4 Things Facebook and Google Don’t Want You Know About Privacy, and What You Should Do - Inc.

Google cuts Android-relationship with Huawei. How about the others - Xiaomi?

Wow! This is a huge blow to Huawei.

Google reportedly pulls Huawei’s Android license - The Verge