Sandberg says no one is reading your messages. This is true to some extent (it is read by their AI), but the metadata? Ha! That’s fairgame to Facebook.

Facebook wants to extend its reach to real-world purchases. Only fools would trust them.

This is the reason why you shouldn’t buy a smart TV or if you have no choice, don’t connect it to the internet

Samsung’s security reminder makes the case for not owning a Samsung smart TV - The Verge

Wow! This is a good way to mislead users – we store photos so we can give it back you (and not openly say we train our AI using them as well). We don’t read your email, but we scan your receipts. tsk tsk.…

Addicts find reasons to justify their continued use of their addiction. Same goes for every Facebook user. Always justifying their continued use, even if they know it is wrong, puts everyone at risk (even their family), and is harmful to their well-being.

Schools should not LIKE Facebook! #DeleteFacebook

Parents in the Philippines Want to Stop School Projects That Are Graded On Facebook Likes

So that’s the Mozilla play – paid services to get rid of Google whitelisting from ETP on Firefox? Smart… but no thanks. Will use other add-ons instead.

If there is no demand, there won’t be need for supply. Stop surveillance capitalism now :: I left the ad industry because our use of data tracking terrified me - Fast Company…

This should actually be more! Maybe $10 billion would get them to notice and do something!

Google appeals $1.7 billion EU antitrust fine over advertising practices - CNBC

OK, here’s the thing – if you send me a confidential email from Google, I will not read it, but instead reply with an encrypted email sent via Protonmail. This is Google FORCING everyone to go to Gmail so they can track them.

When greed trumps everything that is right –> investors supporting Facebook.

It’s going down… down… down…

This graph shows that time spent on Facebook is flatlining, with no growth in sight - Business Insider

“An honest individual” you say? hahaha he’s untouchable because lawmakers can’t do squat. Regulate the hell out of Facebook and he will run for an audience with you

Canadian lawmakers fume after Facebook’s Zuckerberg snubs invitation