Am ready for the 11” iPad Pro. :) The USB-C to USB-A adapter is for portable batteries - still don’t have one that has USB-C out.

The 18th Congress of the Philippines and @COMELEC have two years to prepare for the presidential election. Do NOT wait for Facebook and Google to be used against our democracy — like in the US and UK. A lot is at stake. Time to wake up and act.

Anonymization DOES NOT work! It is easy to de-anonymize given the vast amount of resource and data Google has. This is not good. :: Google accused of inappropriate access to medical data in potential class-action lawsuit - The Verge…

Using Google’s reCAPTCHA means adding Google’s trackers on your site. NO TO TRACKERS! :: Google’s new reCAPTCHA has a dark side - Fast Company…

I trust Safari more than I trust Firefox (Mozilla gets money from Google). TOR Browser is the best one, but breaks a lot of Cloudflare protected websites (uses Google CAPTCHA).

The 5 Best Browsers for Protecting Your Privacy, 2019 Edition

On iOS 13 beta, Wizards Unite eats up 60% of my battery with Audio enabled. Hmm… podcasts and music streaming don’t eat up that much. Is it recording something and sending it to their overlords in Mountain View?

Wizards Unite require Google or Facebook login – one wonders what data are being shuttled back and forth between these companies. I will wait for Sign-in With Apple before I reconsider using it again.

I remember why I stopped playing Pokemon Go, it collects your location data. This is the same with Wizards Unite. And oh, Niantic Labs, the developer of both apps, is from Google. So connect the dots.

With the iPad getting more serious with iPadOS and Google ditching the tablet, only competitor left is Microsoft, but it is on a different segment. Frankly, though, there is no Android tablet competitor to speak of.

The advantage of targetted ads is not significant. No justification to allow it. This needs to be regualted. :: Behavioural advertising is out of control, warns UK watchdog - TechCrunch…

I wish Bloomberg asked Sandberg - why are you and Zuckerberg ignoring the UK parliament? Canadian parliament?

Sandberg says we need to share the minimal amount of data (what is she is not saying - we want to keep the rest for ourselves).

Sandberg throws in FUD - Facebook should not be broken up because China. :)