Is it time to quit social media? YES!

Each time we use these social networks, we contribute to the deterioration of these people’s mental health, at the very least. Not to forget the effects on children.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t use Facebook, or any of their products! This is also the reason why I stopped using YouTube app or going to the YouTube website (use to view, or youtube-dl to download the videos for later viewing). Also the reason why I minimize my use of Google services.

Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube, collect data from you everytime to interact with it. It uses the data to target you with adverts and suggested content that are optimized for maximum engagement, i.e., to keep you from leaving, and worse, manipulate you.


Another evil plan to slurp a lot of data. Taking advantage of patients. Tsk tsk. :: Google will give 100,000 Home Minis to people with paralysis - Engadget…

Get my public key and decode. :)


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Ads are not evil. Adware are. It tracks you (and collect data). It wastes your precious mobile data allocation. All for their benefit, not yours. BLOCK all of them.…

Mainstream Philippine media covered the FaceApp non-issue, but FAILS to tell Filipinos that what Facebook does is worse. Why?

.@Apple please allow developers to charge for upgrades in addition to subscription and one-time payment.

.@Cloudflare is such a big tech company. I don’t understand why they need to use Google’s ReCAPTCHA – please stop doing this and create your own instead.

Of course, it is Facebook! What do you expect? Nothing but lies. :: Facebook reportedly hasn’t contacted the regulator it says will oversee Libra’s privacy and data security - TechCrunch…