Firefox updated to version 69! Die trackers die!

Added a few drops of almond syrup to home-made cold-brew… yum! #coffee

Three papers reviewed this morning. One for student advisee, two for international conference. #NoClassesToday

I have one of those ASUS routers with Trend Micro software. Yes, I don’t use it because I don’t trust it.

Research like this strengthens the need to reduce data collection, instead of relying on anonymization.

Why do you want to know my location, @PhilStarNews? You sneaky little… STOP TRACKING US! @PrivacyPH look - no details WHY they are collecting this.

People never learn – Facebook and Privacy DO NOT MIX. :: Libra, Facebook’s global digital currency plan, is fuzzy on privacy, watchdogs warn - TechCrunch…