Star Trek:Picard is going to be an awesome series. Seeing the reunion of the ST:TNG with ST:V’s Seven of Nine makes it even more exciting. Can’t wait for January. Engage!

Android users, be careful. There is no patch available yet.

Attackers exploit 0day vulnerability that gives full control of Android phones

Micro.Blog iOS app request – Shortcuts support please. ;)

Philippine Statistics Authority, please read the signs

This is actually why I am overly concerned about the Philippine National ID initiative. Knowing how the government works - budget, personnel, procurement - there is a high chance of citizens' data will be breached/hacked/exploited externally, or worse, internally (think of one of the gov’t owned and controlled corporations).

If I am not mistaken, the model used by lawmakers is India’s Aadhaar, which does not have a great track record in securing their data as well.

Before embarking on something like a national ID registry, maybe a thorough IT security audit of critical infrastructure needs to be done first. Audit BIR, PhilHealth, LTO, Local Government Units, COMELEC (oops, already breached!), GSIS, SSS, as a start. Ensure that they are standards compliant in securing data at the very least.

I cannot wait to get iOS 13 on 90% of devices out there. Die Facebook Die!

Get popcorn for iOS 13’s privacy pop-ups of creepy Facebook data grabs

It really is stupid to trust Facebook with your data. There is a reason why Zuckerberg calls its users “DUMB F*cks!”

Internal Documents Show Facebook Has Never Deserved Our Trust or Our Data

Yet another study that shows why @PHCHED @Deped_PH and @DICTgovPH need to ban schools and teachers from using Facebook @upsystem

What happened to Apple's Tick-Tock schedule?

The Apple iPhone design schedule goes tick-tock. Tick is when they introduce a new design, and tock, the S-year, is when the use the same design and refresh the internals, with a couple of new features thrown in.

The release of the radically Home-button free iPhone X two years ago was the tick year. Last year’s XS, obviously is a tock, or S-year. This year, however, is another S year that followed last year’s S-year. Yes, it is indeed kinda out of sync with Apple’s schedule.

Whilst I do not have inside information on how Apple decisions, I can, however, just speculate. Apple’s product line-up goes far back. The iPhone X was probably two-three years in the making, the same can be said of the others. Apple does not release a new, innovative design, just for the sake of it. Yes, Apple isn’t perfect, but Apple has a better track record than most in having more hits than misses.

This year is very different. Speculating further, Apple must have intended 2019 as a tick year – a newly designed iPhone. That would mean that Apple’s supply chain investment should have started last year – that is just how Apple rolls, investing new machines at Foxconn in China. The new machines are needed for the new design.

The US-China trade relationship is very volatile - you cannot predict what will happen next. This uncertainty is very risky for the likes of Apple to invest in Foxconn in China. So Apple is maximizing what it already has in Foxconn - the machines to churn out iPhone X designed devices, hence the X-series, and now the 11 series. If I read the tea leaves right, Foxconn is feeling the pinch as well, and perhaps planning to add manufacturing facilities outside of China.

I am sure that next year’s iPhone will re-start the tick-tock schedule, and perhaps with Apple investing in another manufacturer, or with partner Foxconn, but in another country, which has a solid trade relationship with the US.

What do you think?

On Apple Watch Series 5

I am so happy that Apple did not add another health-related sensor on the Apple Watch Series 5, or I am in trouble! I skipped the Series 3, and now I’m skipping the Series 5. The Series 4 that I am using now works wonderfully. Sure, I’d love that Always-On display, but my use case of having that is very limited. The compass function is nice to have, but I am rarely in need of a compass - besides, I am rarely without the iPhone anyway. Same with the International Emergency Calling feature.

If only the local telcos will support the LTE models of the Apple Watch!