How about the new face unlock? Did that go through dogfooding as well?

Google Spent 21 Years Learning How to Release New Products. Here’s the 1 Thing It Always Does First |

Whilst I don’t support surveillance capitalism, but Snap, Amazon and Pinterest support might be necessary to challenge FAKEBook and Google

The Google-Facebook ad duopoly is facing a bigger challenge from the trio of Snap, Pinterest and Amazon

What do you expect from the hell hole that is facebook?

Ethiopia violence: Facebook to blame, says runner Gebrselassie

Boom! Need a sequel to show how the greed of the ‘bergs destroyed humanity

Aaron Sorkin: An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook needs to get more info about your health to sell to insurance and pharmaceutical companies, among others. Nothing good will come from this. #DeleteFacebook…

Facebook employees grew backbones to voice out against Zuckerberg and crew. Good start BUT NOT ENOUGH. They are complicit to data collection, manipulation, privacy invasion - all for the money!

Flashing another SD card for the old Raspberry Pi that is connected to the touch screen display. Will be configuring a simple photo frame and pull images off of my Flickr account. Wish me luck.

Got a new case for the Raspberry Pi 4 - this one comes with a fan. Now the RPi running Pi-hole is hovering around 47C. Not bad.

Facebook and FAKEBook are the same. It is where you get news you cannot trust. #DeleteFacebook

Apple is examined using a different lens. Samsung and google are such do-gooders.

Why are we not shocked when flagship Android smartphones turn out to be buggy, toxic hellstews?

Good thing I ditched Gmail a long time ago.

Gmail Free Storage Hits Limit as Google Unveils Premium Service

This is the right thing to do. Banks should do the same for Pixel 4 - until Google fixes it

Another proof that you cannot trust Zuckerberg - he is just full of it!

Mark Zuckerberg keeps lying about Facebook’s origin story

Good catch! However, Apple can’t innovate, why follow?

Google keeps adding Pixel features it claimed it didn’t need

Impressed by that Google Recorder that works offline - wonder how long it will take before it appears on iOS. Does it work for other languages?

This is NOT new. Google will say everything to make you think it respects your privacy.

Google’s auto-delete tools are practically worthless for privacy

There you go, Facebook wants to be considered as a broadcasting company — so regulate the hell out of it! #DeleteFacebook

Facebook made the rare decision to push back directly at Elizabeth Warren and her criticism of the company, but its attempt to defend itself backfired spectacularly

Note to self - don’t use modern, dark backgrounds on your slides when presenting at DCS. Old projectors can’t cut it. Tsk tsk,