THIS is why we need to identify these companies and block ALL traffic going to their servers. These are companies that collect data without your consent – hiding behind other applications.…

To my preggy friends, you know who you are

Husband And Wife’s Honest Comics Show How Marriage Changes After A Baby

WebAssembly will speed up web-based applications. It will also remove transparency, unlike HTML, CSS and Javascript (which you can view). Another feature to disable in favor of privacy? Discuss. ;)


The new Chrome has a setting that will check URLs in real-time, i.e., Google will know each and every URL that you visit. They claim to anonymize it, but don’t fall for it. Security != Privacy. They will offer topnotch security, but privacy is another matter (they need the data to earn revenue). I ditched Chrome a long time ago, you should, too.…

Of course it is NOT! Nothing that Google does is private - they have access

Google Calls It Private Browsing. Oh, No It Isn’t

Weekend project – using a USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet dongle on the Raspberry Pi 4b, and setup a firewall, and later, an IDS/IPS. Let’s see how this goes. Not expecting Gigabit IDS/IPS throughput.

Got a new 2TB portable hard drive. Formatting it as ExFAT, but not after a two-pass secure erase. Yeah, it is new, but I’d rather zero-out the disks before using it. ExFAT because I will attach it to the router. :)

My 38mm Series 2 Apple Watch is going bonkers. Unpaired and re-pairing now. Hope that this fixes the weird “out of battery” error (when it still has 70% charge).

I remember purchasing Resilio Sync Family last year. I re-installed it on my Raspberry Pi 4b, connected to two external drives. Now I can backup a lot of files from my devices back to my home file server. Setup rsync to mirror the synced directory as back-up, too.

This is really great! Bully QCOM needs to change. FTC should fine them until it hurts… and companies QCOM bullied should be refunded. flip.itFour IT industry bodies support FTC against Qualcomm’s appeal: once again, The Industry v. Qualcomm

One of the reasons why I don’t use android

Android Becomes Basically Unusable If You Turn Off All of Google’s Tracking

Delete Facebook

New Android Threat: Facebook, WeChat Apps Have Failed To Patch Known Security Risks

Let’s @DuckDuckGo it!

I ditched Google for DuckDuckGo. Here’s why you should too

Different filter bubbles that you can choose… not a bad idea

Technologist Stephen Wolfram puts a pin in social media information bubbles

Amazon, Apple and Microsoft earn revenue directly because you give your hard-earned money. Facebook and Google earn because you directly AND indirectly give them your data. Notice the big difference?…