Hacked a quick iOS shortcut using AirTable.com to keep track of my articles published on Manila Bulletin to check if payments are processed.

My daughter’s new computer, which she built herself. Now she’s hacking her favorite game, Minecraft.

photo of Kano Computer (Raspberry Pi 3)

And the worst hit is the Philippines, with telcos, Smart and Globe, favoring Facebook and Google by providing free mobile data access to the platform and free wifi access. (2/2)

I honestly think that today’s leaders of the democratic countries will be re-elected for another term if these government do not do anything to control Facebook and Google’s data collection and micro-targeting. (1/2)

This is one of the ethical issues we discuss in class flip.it

In 2020, let’s stop AI ethics-washing and actually do something

Funny because it is true! If you haven’t yet, January 2020 is the time flip.it

Here’s Why You Should Finally #DeleteFacebook In 2020 - Tech