Living within the filter bubble is like getting incarcerated – you are secure (behind bars), but not private (they see everything you do), and worse, they dictate what you can see and do (personalized search results and timeline). Not bothered - you are with ‘friends’ anyway. :)

Avast! You think that you can follow the Zuck-playbook of doing something distasteful & unethical and just saying sorry would make it OK? That’s SORRY NOT SO SORRY. Maybe Avast does not want to be LIKED, too.

ROTFL it will break Google and Facebook, yes! This is an excuse fro Google to dodge the issue. See, blocking 3rd party cookies on Chrome is plain PR, nothing else.

Fixing privacy too soon could break the web, Chrome leader says

Today, Jan 28, is Data Privacy Day. Starting today, own your content – don’t post original content on Facebook (they monetize it and not share revenue with you). #BringBackYourBlog I use, among other things (MB Technews, of course).

Today, Jan 28, is Data Privacy Day. It is also called Ditch Google Search for @DuckDuckGo day.

Today, Jan 28, is Data Privacy Day. Just because it is secure does not mean it is private. You lock your windows for security, but you draw your curtains for privacy. They complement each other, but they are not the same.

Today, Jan 28, is Data Privacy Day. It is also the day you start your Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp detox. These services are not good for your health.

Today, Jan 28, is Data Privacy Day. Here’s hoping that the officials of @UPSystem will learn to use BCC instead of CC for official email.

Dear @Apple (@tim_cook) - please change the default Mail app settings from CC to BCC for a more privacy-oriented interface. An extra step to CC is needed so it will not be abused.

So excited about the new features coming with Pi-hole 5.0 <"">. It is currently in beta. Will try it out next weekend.

Now come of think of it – this is available for law-enforcement agencies; is the Philippine National Police a client of ?

Don’t get me wrong, I love TIle - I own a couple of them. However, what do they want Apple to do when they complain about a rumoured Tile-like Apple product? Again, this Tile-competitor does not exist (yet?).