Dear @Smugmug, what is the future of @Flickr like? Supported it by extending subscription, but need to know where it is leading to, besides keeping the site up and running. A mobile app revamp is much needed, too.

#crowdsourcing looking for meditation/mindfulness iOS app that has no third-party trackers and does not collect and share data with third-parties. Help. #privacy

Wearing a mask when inside an enclosed public environment, e.g., ride sharing, makes unlocking the iPhone using FaceID impossible. However, using the Apple Watch to read important notifications is an awesome experience.

On Philippine Depository Receipts (PDRs) - illegal or not?

This got me thinking. I have read the primer on PDRs by Mr. Raul J. Palabrica, and it seems that PDRs are legit, and that it was ridiculous for the PH gov’t to go after companies issuing PDRs. However, I did not know that such a legit instrument can be illegal, to wit:

Q: Are the depository receipts issued by ABS-CBN the same as those issued by Rappler? A: Definitely not. To begin with, the depository receipt issued by ABS-CBN was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which comes as a validation that the constitutional ban on foreign media ownership was not violated. Rappler, in its receipt, granted the foreign investor veto powers on the operation of the company, which the SEC ruled was tantamount to giving foreigners control over the business and hence, violative of the Constitution. From @attyharryroque writing on “ABS-CBN franchise primer

So there you go. Read the links and decide for yourself.

Created an encrypted subdirectory on Google Drive and transferred 16GB of encrypted data using Access to encryption key is restricted - I have the only key! Ha!

Jean Luc is slowly building up his crew! Awesome episode and nice to see another familiar face. #StarTrekPicard

Bought this HomePod online at OWC (at a discount) and am very happy. If Apple releases a cheaper, smaller version, I’d seriously think about adding one to the collection. Have a Sonos One SL coming in a few days, too.

Dear companies, Facebook is not a universal identity service - it is a global surveillance capitalist with a broken moral compass. So, please stop forcing users to validate their identity with Facebook!!!! That is so LAZY and IRRESPONSIBLE of you.

Another reason why I don’t trust Google, even when they say that they anonymize collected data. Reminder: the collect and use YOUR data to earn!…