Another grilled chicken. At this rate, I’ll grow wings before Easter!

Created an account on one device using Sign In with Apple and tried signing in on another device - just hit the Sign In with Apple button and it automatically matches the generated email. Nice!

I am so glad that @troyhunt decided to keep HIBP, instead of having selling it. I am now wondering if there is a way to donate (money, time and effort) to help him out.…

There is a high degree of doubt that Facebook and Google are doing everything to combat the spread of fake news, as it goes against their revenue source.…

Hey @Apple @Tim_Cook can you provide all Apple devices with a private DNS over HTTPS server, when you turn it on? In as much as I trust Cloudflare and NextDNS, I trust you more.

Amazon’s Eero now supports Apple’s HomeKit. I am still waiting for a WiFi 6, HomeKit-enabled, router with at least 4-Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Ash Wednesday, Feb 26, marks the start of the Catholic’s Lenten season, when the devotees are encouraged abstinence. If you are Catholic, why not abstain from using Facebook and Instagram until Easter? If you survive, continue and delete your Facebook and Instagram accounts. :)

How to stop Safari from leaking your data - use @DuckDuckGo

Prof. Douglas J. Leith tested six (6) major browsers and documented the results on a paper, “Web Browser Privacy: What Do Browsers Say When They Phone Home?". Prof. Leith found out that Safari connects to remote servers, the search engine’s and Apple’s.

“This happens via the search autocomplete feature, which sends web addresses to backend servers in realtime as they are typed”

To protect you, change default search engine to @DuckDuckGo and then turn off all other options, including “Include search engine suggestions”, and if you don’t trust Apple, block

Why ACT should stop using Facebook

The Alliance for Concerned Teachers (why it is a .com instead of a .org perhaps has some hidden meaning behind it) is right in going against the Philippine National Police’s profiling of teachers and students. However, what they don’t understand is how relatively easy it is to identify teachers and students - just by microtargetting them on Facebook!

If the ACT is really against profiling of sorts, they should actively go against the use of Facebook by their members and their members' schools, and not to forget, the Department of Education (DepEd). The continued use of Facebook by DepEd, schools and teachers, forces students and parents to provide more information to Facebook, which makes microtargetting (and profiling) easier and more accurate. All it takes is for the PNP to use their intelligence funds (and not to forget, they can get DICT to help them) to buy adverts and target specific demographics.

So, ACT, if you are really serious, ACT to protect the teachers and students (and their parents)!

If you do Computer Vision research, then you are not foreign to YOLO. The scientist who created it just did something that most would not even consider. Kudos Joseph Redmon!…