Today marks the day when everyone in Metro Manila are at home due to social distancing. Users are all online, too. @PLDTHOME fails to scale very well. No internet connection at home. Tsk tsk

If there is one good takeaway from all these, then it is the fact that my co-faculty members are now forced to use technology for their classes. Been asking them to do this a long time ago - but all fell to deaf ears, except for a few brave souls.

Last day to report to work before I go work-from-home. Finally!

Kids, when you attend online classes via Zoom, please wear something decent. :)

Needed a cold sparkling water with a few drops of sugar-free cherry flavor.

If you don’t want to spend time fact-checking news articles, then stop going to Facebook!

When my main “employer” declares suspended work and the secondary one doesn’t… would prefer staying at home, really.

Use technology to minimize productivity disruption

Suspending classes and work is too disruptive. Organizations need to learn to use technology at their disposal.

For UP, we have Google Suite for Education (Google Hangout, Google Classroom), Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft Teams), Learning Management System (LMS - Moodle-based or free Canvas accounts), access to digital libraries, and more. It is time for UP to take a leap of faith and be tech-savvy - now is the time.

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the Clorox wipes that I used for the office keyboard and mouse (I use it at home, too). AS of today, Apple approved using it on your iPhones and iPads as well. Just take care of the lightning/USB-C ports, making sure that it does not get wet.

CS194 WSG interns, Zoom link is now up. Please check it out ASAP. CS196 students, please check Canvas for important announcements.

CS194 students interning at WSG, please wait for the link for tomorrow’s meeting. We will do it ONLINE. For the meantime, test your mic, speaker and cameras. You need the camera on so we can check for attendance.

Star Apple aka Caimito aka Cainito. One of my favorite tropical fruits. My cousins and I used to craft pin wheels out of its leaves.


Seeing Riker and Troi with Picard brings back lots of memories from our own adventure.