Wow! Season finale of Star Trek: Picard is marvelous! Can’t wait for the next season, but for the meantime, the wait for Star Trek:Discovery starts.

Next-up, an ARM-based MacBook

Another spot on [](analysis by Jean-Louis Gassée). The number of users that need the full power of Intel on a computer is far less than the average user, and it makes sense for Apple to shift its good-enough line to ARM. I am looking at a possible ARM-based Macbook, perhaps dubbed as iBook (after iPhone and iPad). What do you think?

More vitamin D from the sun to beef up immunity and resistance to colds.

Glad that we have these people ethically reporting the bugs.

Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, VirtualBox fall at Pwn2Own hacking contest | ZDNet

Had to go out and replenish supplies. The supermarket management is controlling the number of customers inside, which is good. Supplies are limited and runs out quickly.

photo of queue at the entrance of the supermarketqueue at the checkout counter

Google has detailed location data of most COVID-19 patients.

Of all entities that can provide location data for the last three months, it is Google! Google can provide a more accurate map tracking each and every COVID-19 patient’s movements - more so, if they’re Android users. This is a known fact that has significant privacy implications, but there is no denying that they have the data.