I’m enjoying using TOR Browser on my Mac. I wish that the iOS version is as polished.

Here’s my plan for my family. Remain in quarantine until (1) hospitals have taken a breather and are no longer overcrowded or (2) a vaccine against COVID-19 is readily available. Everything will be done online with going out only for essentials.

What’s the difference between Facebook, Google and Zoom in handling security and privacy concerns? Which one just says ‘Sorry’, and continues as business as usual? www.theverge.com/interface…

This is an interesting video that shows how face masks limit the spread of the virus.

What is/are the reason(s) why @netnewswire on OS X does not support Feedly, when the iOS/iPadOS versions do?

I think this is the right thing to do — but there needs to be an annotation on their transcript as to the circumstances why the grade is Pass or Fail only. flip.it

Universities turn to a pass/fail system as pandemic derails academic year

Why I don’t use Android! A lot of devices are vulnerable. Yes, Google will fix it with the latest OS, but most devices out there are not running the latest OS. www.wired.com/story/tho…

I wonder if @ajdumanhug and his team already checked out rapidpass.ph — too careful about this since it collects a lot of extremely personal information.

Trying to catch up with my podcast episodes – without the weekday commute, there is no time to listen.

There, fixed my Twitter fimeline, thanks to @Twitterrific.

Ah, Twitterrific reminded me of the power of the MUFFLE!

My Twitter timeline is getting too toxic! Any attempt to divide the country at this time is not well placed, no matter what you say, no matter your reason!

Random objects to shoot whilst soaking in sunlight and listening to The Left Right Game