Make sure that these are all turned OFF to avoid Mozilla from tracking you.

Now I get it - Almost Paradise is a low budget Hawaii Five-O wannabe.

C’mon, Almost Paradise producers / Filipinos in Cebu don’t talk like that.

Watching new TV series, Almost Paradise, where a new US military base is stationed in… Cebu, Philippines! They should have stuck with the old location in Subic. Haha

Start your updates, folks. iOS 13.4.1 and iPadOS 13.4.1 are now out. Also, Firefox 75 is now available. Hurry!

People, the iOS and OS X Safari bug that is being highlighted by scare mongers (their headlines don’t say it’s fixed) in the past several days HAS BEEN PATCHED already. Update your device OS to the latest and you are safe from that specific bug.

Episode 2 of @somegoodnews is simply awesome! Thanks @JohnKrasinski, Emily Blunt, Robert De Niro and @Lin_Manuel and the good news contributors. :)

Is it me or that NEDA survey is getting swamped and not scaling very well?