Zoom is back in SG schools hahah flip.it

Singapore allows schools to resume Zoom use for home-based learning | ZDNet

Protect your privacy flip.it

We can’t cure COVID-19 by giving up our right to privacy

whew sysad mode again. Installed and configured Jitsi Meet. Working now, my very own Jitsi Meet server. :)

Dear @Apple @tim_cook, your contact tracing aka surveillance tool, please make it a system app that you can DELETE and not baked into the OS that users cannot remove. This is the right thing to do.

The hypocrisy of banning Zoom to protect one’s privacy, but continue using Google and Facebook. Tsk tsk. Ban all three (3) whilst you are at it.

Which Philippine media outfit(s) is/are not beholden to Facebook and Google? Asking for a friend.

On Zoom, Facebook, Google and Apple...

A lot of the Zoom incidents cited that made organizations ban it stems from user errors. Add to the fact that media sensationalizes news too much these days. Why isn’t media continously feature Facebook and Google’s privacy invasion? They’re scared of these two big tech companies. And yes, they also love hitting at Apple. www.eff.org/deeplinks…

Now is NOT the time for the National Privacy Commission (@PrivacyPH) to remain silent. The Commission on Human Rights must protect the Filipinos' right to privacy as well! Speak up NOW or it will be too late.

The Filipino people should understand that ANY web-based and/or mobile application endorsed by the PH gov’t is APPROVED by the National Privacy Commission (@PrivacyPH) by default, unless they say otherwise.

The work of the National Privacy Commission of the Philippines (@PrivacyPH) (and the Commission on Human Rights, too) is crucial right now. Protect the Filipinos from privacy-invasive mobile and web-based applications being considered for endorsement by @DICTgovPH @DOHgovPH

Apple and Google sitting in a tree...

There is an interesting “partnership” between Apple and Google brewing. If they are working on a privacy-centric solution to contact tracing in pandemic times, then I am all for it. Apple’s involvement gives me some sort of assurance that privacy will be preserved, compared to a Google only initiative. The draft specifications are already out for everyone to check out.

This “collaboration” is not different from Google’s support of Apple’s SMS-based OTP proposal, nor is it any different from both companies agreeing on open standards. The only way a standard can be widely deployed is to get every player on board - regardless of each player’s intention and business model – and pushing for this means getting the biggest players to sit down and agree.

Does recognizing your competitors mean legitimizing their business models? Does working with your competitors on a standard automatically legitimizes their business models?

Currently, Apple and Google will be implementing this contact tracing APIs. So, if LineageOS, Purism, GrapheneOS and all other privacy-centric mobile OS out there, join and implement the same APIs, does it mean that they legitimize Google’s surveillance capitalistic nature?

I’ve seen a demo of some of the applications being deployed in the Philippines to help tackle the pandemic. I am scared of the privacy implications of these applications. I am relying on @PrivacyPH to protect FIlipinos.

If every time we find a serious bug on software or hardware, we immediately ban it and replace it, I wonder which software and hardware products will remain. Hardware and software engineering is not easy.

Facebook spins off new service in an attempt to get college kids back to its fold. Called Campus, which is similar to the original Facebook, but with all the data collectors of the current one. nitter.net/wongmjane…

Google bans Zoom. Wow! Googlers not using their own Hangout and Hangout Meet?

No Mandalorian, no original Marvel series. Cancelling Disney+ subscription now. Will re-subscribe when there is original content again.