Watching @sirkenrobinson’s video on reminds me how he inspired me to do something for education. This pandemic might be an opportunity to re-think education – not via conveyor-belt/manufacturing style, but something else.

This is an interesting take of contact tracing using mobile applications.

Tech isn’t solution to COVID-19, says Singapore director of contact tracing app

@Zoom_us in the company of Cisco, Google and Microsoft.

Frankly, @Zoom_us should step back and review their marketing folks - they’ve been called TWICE on reporting something, i.e. E2EE and DAU, that aren’t!

However, banning Zoom is a knee-jerk ridiculous reaction – labelling it as malware is irresponsible, at the very least. What are the recommended options? Google? Cisco? Microsoft? Well, think again - they are as guilty as Zoom in collecting data!…

Our teachers in the Philippines should do the same thing — demand that schools provide them with PPEs for FREE, when @DepEd_Ph resumes classes

Exclusive: ‘Give PPE to all of us’ say 3/4 school staff

Why pay the same price as the others when you’re constrained to watching it on a tiny screen? @Quibi has some great shows, but please just remain as producers and send the shows to Apple TV+

Quibi has already caved and put shows on YouTube

Not cool, @Quibi! How do you make up for this stupid move?

Quibi leaked users' emails to Google, Facebook, and Twitter

Interesting mix of online meetings today. First is on Zoom, then on Webex and finally on Teams. Tsk tsk.

How about classrooms? Tsk tsk

South Korean study shows ‘alarming’ spread of Covid-19 in open plan office

OK - deployed two Wireguard servers - one on a Raspberry Pi with Pi-Hole, and another on the cloud with Ubuntu Linux 20.04LTS with

How about one week in-classroom, 2 weeks at home routine for students? #UnpopularOpinion

If you can homeschool your children, do so, at least until a vaccine is readily available. Physical distancing is close to impossible inside schools as children tend to mingle. #UnpopularOpinion

This won’t be covered as much as the report about the vulnerability - so best for you to be informed.

Apple responds to claim of Mail app exploit in iOS 13

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is now out. To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question. :)