If you use the Reincubate Camo free version — is there a time limit per session?! Was cut in the middle of a Zoom meeting earlier. Don’t know why it happened. Thought that the 12 Pro Max overheated, but it was fine.

Thirty minutes to a 2+ hour online meeting. Hmmm… Reincubate.com’s Camo app paired and ready.

Day 1 of Micro Camp was a success - if you are going to ask me. Of course, I don’t know the preparation and behind the scenes (but I can relate after organizing a couple of similar events as well, if several TEDx and Y4IT count). Congratulations to @manton @jean and the rest of those who made it a success! #noxp

Made a banana and raspberry smoothie without milk but with a couple of drops of honey. Perfect afternoon snack.

A week without 1Password, the verdict

A week has gone by and my experiment of using the iCloud Keychain Password exclusively on the iPhone, iPad and Mac is over. The verdict? Well, I just reactivated my 1Password Safari (and Firefox) plug-ins and added 1Password to Password Autofill on iOS and iPadOS.

What did I learn from the experiment?

  1. Importing 1Password entries to iCloud Keychain Password was quick and painless, but not perfect. There were issues with back-up codes and notes - they were not imported since iKP does not support it (yet). I also have files and attachments on 1Password, which were not carried over to iKP. I know that you can use the Notes app and encrypt it for security, but that is a bit tedious. I am waiting for the new features coming soon on 15.4.

  2. Using iKP on iOS and iPadOS definitely was pleasant as it was available on the entire system. On the Mac, without an iKP plug-in for other browsers, such as Firefox, I had to do a lot of copy-and-paste to login it. No issue if Safari’s the only browser I use, though.

  3. Creating new passwords was an issue that made me write a separate Shortcuts. New passwords are available on Safari, but it was not as flawless as I’d like it to be. Using 1Password was easier, but I decided that having a Shortcut is more fun! :)

  4. I wondered why OTP was not migrated from 1Password to iKP. I don’t remember if those in iKP was migrated from 1Password or if I configured it earlier. Anyway, re-generating the OTP was not that complex - I deleted the one on 1Password and re-enrolled the account with OTP on both 1Password and iKP. Now they’re both synced.

  5. Password sharing is still not available on iKP. The past week, I didn’t see the need to share a password with my family, but since I have a shared vault on 1Password, going all in on iKP might not be a good idea without password sharing.

  6. I almost forget, I have a lot of stale accounts on 1Password. I trimmed the database when I reviewed the iKP entries, weeding out online services that I was no longer using made me feel better (sent a number of requests for account deletion). Now I feel that my online footprint is a tad smaller now.

With these issues, iCloud Keychain Password still has a lot of catching up to do. If I have not invested on 1Password before (with password sharing, back-up codes, notes, attachments and files), iCloud Keychain Password is sufficient. I am looking forward to the next updates from Apple, and maybe I’d do another week without 1Password.

The General, the President, the Colonel and the Queen… where does this lead us?! 🖖

This Adobe Sign iPadOS app is just a webview. Talk about laziness! Deleting now.

With Facebook and Twitter out, Russians must pivot to disseminate news on the ground, and access reliable news directly

With Facebook and Twitter blocked in Russia, Russians can post on their own blogs (self-hosted or otherwise, and not be controlled (and profitted from) by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, you name it), and also access reliable news sources directly (e.g., BBC is now on the TOR network, so it is more complex to blocked by authorities) – which they should have done a long time ago.

Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard stream today! Nice! 🖖

Battling disinformation during #Halalan2022

Disinformation campaigns have revved up as the May 2022 national elections nears. There is no single political candidate who can dare say that they and their supporters are not churning out disinformation. The holier-than-thou marketing of some candidates easily gets negated when they and their followers spew out disinformation on social media. Can they dare condemn these followers of theirs for doing this? Highly doubt so.

Different organizations in the Philippines are trying to combat the spread of disinformation. Unfortunately, not a single group or organization has addressed the elephant in the room - technology companies that profit from the spread of disinformation. From Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok to Twitter, they are all spreading disinformation, because it is more profitable than spreading facts and the truth. Why not condemn them from promoting disinformation and misinformation for profit? Are they scared of these companies? I’d understand the PH telcos, they have been in bed with the likes of Facebook for a long time already, even when there are hints of anti-competitive behaviour there, but religious and academic groups not addressing the source of the spread of disinformation is the question.

The Washington Post has a guide to avoiding misinformation, “How to avoid falling for and spreading misinformation about Ukraine”. Whilst this was written particularly to avoid inaccurate news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this guide works for all others, specially #Halalan2022.

The TL;DR is simple - do not believe everything that is shared with you on social media (not even from your family and friends or even verified accounts or some obviously biased media outfits), so do not share/like/retweet them. Be skeptical of these shared content. Remember, text and photo manipulation are very easy to do, and deep fake is not that complex anymore, so any text, photo, video and/or sound clip shared should not be taken as true or fact.

Whilst I believe that print media has a far better batting average in publishing facts and truths than broadcast or online media, select those that you think are fair and unbiased. As Washington Post recommended, start a collection of trusted sources. I’d recommend that you use an RSS reader (try NetNewsWire) to get the news straight from the source, without any influence by tech companies' recommendation engines (which are optimized to spread misinformation and disinformation, and hate).

Protect yourself from being bombarded by disinformation and misinformation, stay away from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok and Twitter. You won’t be inundated with these types of posts, and even better, you won’t share/like/re-tweet it. :)

Enabled the Password Generator shortcut to appear on the Apple Watch - and it works, I can initiate generation on the Watch. Need to re-enable Copy to Clipboard to be global, instead of local. :)

Quickly hacking a password generator

iCloud Keychain Password is not yet at feature-parity with my main password manager, 1Password. One of the issues I have (and also found out that others have the same issue) is password generation (sometimes, it is not easy to copy/edit the newly generated password), which 1Password does very well.

This inspired me to write a more generic password generation tool without needing to install another application. I could have written a script for the command-line, but thought that it is more flexible to write a shortcut.

I hacked a quick shortcut and was able to generate the passwords using the preferred template (based on my current 1Password template, and then some). Unfortunately, it was dependent on other third party iOS apps, Toolbox Pro and TextCase, which I don’t have on the Mac. So back to the drawing board.

Finally managed to finish the shortcut with no dependency on a third-party application, which made it work on iOS, iPadOS and macOS. :) It is not as elegant as I wanted it to be (need more built-in scripting functions on Shortcuts, which I hope gets added on iOS 15.4), but it works!

I forget that one shortcut I wrote uses a free API - which I deleted earlier when trimming the iCloud Keychain passwords. LOL Good thing Toolbox Pro has a built-in currency converter function.

iCloud Keychain experiment (turning off 1Password)

This morning, I exported all accounts from 1Password to iCloud Keychain earlier this morning. From there, I re-configured the TOTP on some apps (making sure that the passcodes are synced between 1Password and iCloud Keychain). I also re-configured some accounts to remove the sunsetting Otherinbox.com/oib.com domain that I have been using (which was transferred to the free Google App for Your Domain, which is going to be deleted soon) and replace it with updated email addresses c/o simplelogin.io. Finally, I deleted quite a number of old accounts as well - those that I don’t use anymore, e.g. bit.ly, dropbox.com, to name two.

Note that I did not delete 1Password, as it is where I safety store the Backup Codes, and a couple of files, too. I don’t want to use a separate app to store the codes, so a Secure Note on Notes app won’t fly. I cannot wait for iOS 15.4 (next week?), so I can migrate the codes.

I have deactivated the 1Password plug-in on Safari and the 1Password Autofill on iPhone and iPad. So, by Monday, I will see how this goes when work starts at 8. :) Wish me luck!