IF you are a technology company providing connectivity services and you are using @zoom_us - it is not good to get potential client to reconnect because your 40-minute free allocation is up.

Isolate isolate isolate flip.it

After six new cases, Wuhan plans to test all 11 million residents for coronavirus

Huawei dips into Filipinos' health data - any concerns?

“One of the Huawei CLOUD’s feature is the AI-Assisted Diagnosis that was installed within hospital premises to help the country’s fight in the pandemic. One of which was Baguio City’s Mayor, Benjie Magalong positive approval regarding the CT scan yielding a 98 percent accuracy rate in only two minutes. " technology.mb.com.ph/2020/05/1…

In any medical technology, specially one that involves AI, clinical testing is necessary to validate. I am wondering how this has been validated by Filipino experts. Has anybody asked about the dataset used for training this AI? Does it include FIlipino CT scans? I have been teaching my students about the dangers of biases in AI – what are the biases encoded in Huawei’s.

Clinical testing notwithstanding, another issue is giving access of the FIlipinos' health data to Huawei. Note that it is being uploaded to the Huawei cloud. I wonder how the data protection officer evaluated this new technology.

I have been waiting for Pi-Hole 5.0 to come out of beta and then it dropped. Upgraded, moved DHCP server from router to Pi-Hole, and now enjoying better tracker blocking on my home network.

If your iOS/iPadOS application was borked by the Facebook bug, then it is high time that you ditch it! It is NOT worth it.

So @Zoom_us bought @keybaseio, which is good for Zoom’s clients, but please don’t kill the keybase community.

Campaigns, like this one, should have been detected by @DICTgovPH. With their confidential funds, they could at least inform ALL government agencies that they might be targetted. What is DICT using the funds for? thehackernews.com/2020/05/a…

The difference between moving from a pointing system to touch and adding a pointing system to touch. It takes some design mojos to do something like the iPadOS, the other approach is a bit lazy IMHO. techcrunch.com/2020/05/0…

Yes, privacy matters!

My advocacy for privacy is not for me, but for my kids and their future. If you don’t care about your children, continue supporting surveillance capitalists like Facebook and Google – for YOUR convenience, but at the cost of your children’s privacy! thenextweb.com/podium/20…

This is probably the best graduation ever – for these kids and for the the other 2020graduates, CONGRATULATIONS. Thanks @somegoodnews invidio.us/watch

Was trying to share a file last week and figured that I need my own @nextcloud instance - so spun off one. Took less than 30 minutes to install, configure and secure it. How awesome is that?