For someone people are saying is a genius (not!), he really is something… #DeleteFacebookNOW

Facebook’s Response to Ad Boycott Shows Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Get It

Clipboard snooping on iOS was surfaced by a security researcher flagging it as a bug. With iOS14, this is now a privacy feature - and beta testers found dozens of third-party applications snopping on your clipboard! Now, think about what they do on Android.

Microsoft pulls out of retail by closing stores… permanently. I have been to a lot of Microsoft retail stores, some very close to an Apple store, and the difference in number of people is like night and day! MSFT’s have more employees than customers most of the time. Oh well.

Online Libel the number one cybercrime in PH, according to PNP.

The Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group reports ONLINE LIBEL as the highest crime in the PH - 4273 cases since 2013. Highest to date in 2019: 1304, then 2018:1041 and 2020 so far: 339. All these cases did not contribute to the stiffling of freedom of the press, except for 1, right? tsk tsk.

iOS 14 tracker blocking works against SMEs?

I read an article, I think on, that claims Apple’s move to block trackers hurt SMEs more than others. I am looking for the research that states the benefit of tracking is only 4% increase in revenue, which is small, IMHO.

And oh, this is not a new feature from Apple - Apple just made it visible. Apple’s ITP have been doing it on the background already.

Apple moves to minimize impact of EU and US investigations – will allow third-party on Find My, allow other music services on HomePod, and allow users to change default browser and mail client.

When the bully loses its bullying-power, they complain. bwahaha.

This is very interesting research when applied to medical imaging. However, when used unethically, it is highly dangerous. Imagine assuming someone is carrying a firearm…

That’s the way to do it! How about the others? grow a spine!

The North Face becomes first major brand to join Facebook ad boycott

Thank you, Time Machine, for always reminding me to back-up. :)

Facebook is *NOT* your friend, but it is the PH government's

It is no secret that Facebook is a prime tool used by politicians, of all colors, in the Philippines. Add the fact that Facebook and the telcos are in bed together – enjoying data and monetary exchange. Now with the anti-terrorism bill waiting to be signed or junked (I hope) by the PH president, Filipino citizens who love Facebook must be aware of what this means, and this reveals how Facebook can be used against Filipinos. The same can be said of Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and Google (with Android data).

Filipino activists are shouting against surveilance and organizing protests on, where else, Facebook! For every LIKE or Re-SHARE, Facebook takes note of it. It wouldn’t take that long for state-surveillance to get hold of these data, too (heck, they probably have it now - think of the ‘matrix’ revealed by Malacañang).

Filipinos must wake up to the fact that there is no such thing as free lunch. Free Facebook puts you, your family and your friends at risk! STOP using it. DELETE your account, and tell your family and friends to do the same. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SURVEILLANCE.

The most hated part of teaching – grading. Well, I have submitted my students' grades (except for some, please check your email) already. Good luck. Stay home, stay safe and well.