Happy Birthday, Jean Luc @SirPatStew! Here’s to more galaxies to reach and explore. :) Live long and prosper!

I ditched Chrome a long time ago… when a site is misbehaving on Safari, I switch to Firefox, then to Brave (Chromium-based like Chrome, without the tracking). www.wsj.com/articles/…

Maybe it is time for Twitter to block Facebook URLs - stop spreading hate. @jack what do you say?

For a moment there I thought there is a secret to keeping Google from tracking me - c’mon! This DOES NOT prevent tracking entirely - only blocks non-Google trackers. www.theverge.com/21319293/…

Time for a new ABS-CBN - one that is not beholden to *ANY* politician!

ABS-CBN needs to invest on their digital infrastructure and leapfrog the others. Broadcasting online will not need a franchise, which is overly dependent on politicians, who are almost always just minding themselves and not the FIlipinos.

Prove Congress wrong - be a better network by being FAIR to all (so nobody will doubt you that you are being biased).

This is awesome news! You don’t need Facebook! flip.it

Danish publisher Zetland is driving more new members since quitting Facebook - Digiday

If you are a current UP Diliman Computer Science @upcs student (including incoming freshmen), please accomplish this survey bit.ly/CSSurvey1… ASAP. If you know some of these students, please inform them of this very important survey.

#UnpopularOpinion this broadcast franchise issue became an issue because of politics - now it is being deliberated and again, it is political. Why not BAN political ads on TV and radio, and restrict politcal ads online? The Philippines will be better off, IMHO.

WWDC20 “Build trust through better privacy” session is a must-watch!

Running an anti-virus scanner across all email accounts in my domain. So far, so good.

Curating a lot of OERs for use in my class this coming semester. The question now is - do I download them and make it available offline?

Playing around with Shortcuts — processing JSON-formatted output from a web service. Pure shortcuts, no third-party utilities used. Pretty powerful stuff.

Is proper email etiquette lost already? How many times do I have to see two-line replies with hundreds of lines of quoted text, complete with the signatures?!

Are there strong parallels to what is happening in Hong Kong and the Philippines with new laws? Will the UK and Australia offer safe haven for Filipinos targetted by surveillance?

What do you expect? Google investment working as planned flip.it

Google-backed groups criticize Apple’s new warnings on user tracking