By design! Don’t worry, your data is secure from Google’s competitors

Google smart speakers secretly updated to listen for more than wake words

Updated my Shortcut to use instead of, which is closing soon (but the project still continues).


Why 40 million Americans with a brain parasite linked to cats don’t show symptoms

All this Epic Games CEO whining, why don’t you develop your own devices and ecosystem and prove Google and Apple wrong? Just like what Nintendo is doing?

Syncing 20GB worth of photos to an encrypted OneDrive subdirectory. rclone FTW!

Fresh quail eggs! Looking forward to tiny sunny side ups for breakfast. 🤪

Google One for iOS backs-up your iPhone? Thanks, but no thanks! #PrivacyOverConvenience

Finally got to configuring rclone to create an encrypted subdirectory on OneDrive. Been postponing it for the longest time. Haha. Now, I have both encrypted subdirectories on Google Drive and OneDrive. Privacy For The Win!

New Microsoft Family Safety app is not safe at all. Run the Android version through Exodus Privacy and find out that there are 5 trackers and requires 14 permissions. WATCH OUT.

Imagine this – Apple’s App Store, Facebook’s Advertising arm, and Google’s Advertising arm all become separate companies. Wouldn’t it be better for all?

“Google is the most anti-competitive” - @profgalloway. I agree!