Dear MSFT, it would be nice if your Surface Duo runs Microsoft OS and not Android, even if it just comes with all Microsoft software. I am sure PWA would make more third-party applications available. Frankly, I might just buy one if it is more affordable. ha!

MSFT Surface Duo is less than US$1400. An iPad Mini + Apple Pencil + Apple TV4K + Anker Projector totals around the same price. Only downside is no streaming game platform. BWAHAHA.

Hey @Apple @tim_cook how about having a separate category for streaming services on the App Store and have some specific rules for them (instead of bundling them with the rest of the apps), like blacklisting companies that intentionally violate rules?

Epic Games is simply riding the anti-trust attention on Google and Apple. No, they’re not doing this for everyone - only themselves!

THIS is exactly why Epic Games is just that - in what Filipinos call “Kulang sa pansin” (KSP) - leveraging on the media reach of Apple and Google AND being greedy at the same time!…

Be careful, Epic Games might sue you

The Linux-based PinePhone is the most interesting smartphone I’ve tried in years

I hope that Apple gives in and reduces 30% to 15% across the board, but blacklists Epic Games for openly and intentionally violating the rules.

Just a word of warning to my Android friends - avoid installing APKs as you don’t know what these apps do or if the apps are legit (remember there are malicious actors crafting apps that look like the real thing). The Play Store, at least, checks apps it hosts.

Yep! Ditch Gmail NOW!

Forget Gmail. It’s time to switch to a privacy-first email provider

Uh-oh. This is a big concern!

Exclusive: August Smart Lock Flaw Opens Your Wi-Fi Network to Hackers


A mysterious group has hijacked Tor exit nodes to perform SSL stripping attacks | ZDNet

Hardware flaws are the most difficult to fix specially if it can be exploited remotely. Will cheap Android phone manufacturers fix this? I doubt it - they’d sell you a replacement instead, cheaper for them.…

Running Big Sur beta on the iMac… can’t wait for this to be released for all!

So what if I do not want to be tracked, @verge? Why isn’t there an option NOT to be tracked?