Dear @Apple @tim_cook - please suport the startups by loweing the fee from 30% to 10%, but for big companies, leave them at 30%.

Is there a quota for the App Store reviewers to churn out questionable and controversial reviews every two weeks?

Currently watching Star Trek Beyond. 🖖 when is the next movie?

How can you release an app with a bug like this?

Adobe confirms Lightroom iOS photos erased due to update bug are ‘not recoverable’

Star Trek Lower Deck’s latest episode is laugh out loud funny!!! 🖖

I take it back - I forget that Up has some of those action segments! Hahaha. 😆

Where’s that delivery person? Can’t wait for our veggies. Pako salad with salted eggs!

Currently listening to the soundtrack of Up. :) relaxing.

Ok. Done listening to a podcast episode… off to the next, but before that - time for a cup of home brewed Starbucks Pike Place blend cold brew.

Good luck doing this on Android.

How Your Phone Is Used to Track You, and What You Can Do About It

It is time to ditch Chrome! Do it now!

Chrome Has Owned The Web for Years. The Next Version of macOS Could Change That

Facebook, true to its form being evil, continues to dupe governments. You NEVER TRUST Facebook. Fool me once, twice, thrice, four times… when will you learn?…

Wow! This is interesting

Smartphone cameras can now detect diabetes with 80 percent accuracy

All news media outfits all over the world should look at what Australia is doing here. Philippine media outfits should follow suit. Guess where Filipinos are going to get their news.…

ROTFL. In a fortnight, no Fortnite will exist on iOS and iPadOS - until the case is resolved, I guess. Epic Games thought it was a win-win for them. Good luck! Apple, though, needs to do some internal soul searching and update their rules ASAP.

The Verge, as always, painting a doom and gloom picture of Apple – for every Apple issue, Apple is doomed!