Looking forward to a uBlock Origin Safari plug-in. What does it take to get it ported?

This home-made Starbucks Pike Place blend cold brew #coffee with fizzy water is starting to be my favorite.

I use Resilio Sync to backup my iPhone’s Photo library to a Raspberry Pi. The folder on my Raspberry Pi is mirrored to an external HDD and to encrypted folders on Google Drive and OneDrive. This is in addition to iCloud back-up.

With Resilio Sync, rclone and ShellFish iOS/iPadOS app - I don’t think I’ll be needing my own NextCloud instance anymore.

Playing with Resilio Sync and rclone. Using Resilio Sync to have shared directories between devices. The directory is sync daily to an encrypted directory on Google Drive via rclone.

A slice of home-made carrot cake paired with home-made Starbucks Pike Place blend cold brew infused with cinnamon – whilst contemplating whether to deploy my own @Nextcloud instance or not.