It is not that easy to keep tabs of the podcasts episodes - no more commute! Listening to a Star Trek podcast is tempting, but finding time to sit down and listen is another matter.

Been watching the panel discussions for the last two hours! #StarTrekUnitedGives #StarTrek

This is not good. :(

Parents urged to keep children offline after suicide video posted on TikTok

Just thought I’d charge this to see if it still works! What do you know?

Wonder how long those security checks take

9th Circuit Rules Apple Owes Retail Workers for Time Spent in Security Screenings

Was on Big Sur when all of a sudden, it won’t connect to the internet. It can connect to the local network. Tried tethering on iPhone for mobile data, still the same. Routing table looks normal. Argh!

Kudos to @upsystem for finally protecting its readers from surveillance via adtrackers disguised as analytics tool.

Any PH journalist interested in doing a full investigation on DICT’s Emmanuel Rey “Manny” Caintic - where he is from, what his interests are, where his loyalties lie? More importantly, why is he deciding for DICT when he isn’t the Secretary?

Now why do I have to go through proper channels to challenge App Store reviews, when I can always rant on social media and get the media riled up (since they’re thirsting for views)? LOL

Look at the trackers blocked by my instance. Dominated by Google, Facebook and Microsoft.