What we are having now is the normal that we will be living in for quite some time - even with the vaccine.

Don’t forget to wake up those who needed waking up at the end of September.

It is International Coffee Day (Oct 1) and today I have decided to change my daily coffee routine. Let’s see how it goes. #coffee

“In-chat messages won’t be use for ad targeting” (for now), but your metadata will be. Don’t trust Facebook, remember they don’t do as they say, and then pretend to apologize later. www.imore.com/facebook-…

Taking a short break before starting another meeting.

Xen ported to Raspberry Pi 4! Wowowow! Time to get an 8GB RPi4 soon!

Lovecraft Country is getting weirder and weirder. 🤪

On a lighter note - watch Utopia Series on Amazon Prime Video. It is fiction, but makes you think about this pandemic haha

Now let’s check out Amazon Prime Video’s Utopia series…

Maybe I should deploy a searx instance for the university. What do you think? Will @upsystem users use it?

My turn to cook. I’m sweating it out in the kitchen… and loving it, but not the extra pounds gained from all the tasting 🤪

When you search the internet, you say “searx” and not google. What searx returns contains the best of google, DuckDuckGo, qwant, and whatever other search engine you enable BUT without the damn tracking!!!!!

Just name it as it is - Coalition Against Apple - to make it clearer.

Signed up for Telepath until I saw on Bloomberg TV that the co-founder is the brother-in-law of one of the Facebook ‘bergs. Tsk tsk. What are the chances that this is funded by Facebook? Argh!