Cloning my Raspberry Pi SD card. Doing it in place, while it is live! Bwahaha. 64GB of awesome goodness! Need a back-up. :)

Saw as a beneficial tool, specially for remote learners and teachers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t just recommend it fully because of the amount of trackers on their page…

Just learned that you need an extra ā€˜Eā€™ on the Date Format for Siri to say the entire day and not the abbreviated version.

Spent a rainy day hacking some iOS/iPadOS shortcuts. Streamlined an old shortcut and made it shorter and friendlier.

Was trying to use resilio Sync to back-up my photos locally and was stumped why new photos aren’t being backed-up… then I realized, the app needs access to All Photos on iOS. LOL.

Two new iOS apps to play with this weekend: the new NueralCam NightVideo and Halide MK II. Oh, I forget, the ClipDrop app, too - makes that three iOS apps then!

Can an FOI request be made to ask for all photos of PNP police officers?

How about this for an idea - a solar-powered raspberry pi based facial recognition for PNP police officers that can be deployed anywhere and sends identified officer’s name to the cloud? Will the PNP complain?

I still can’t hack that 8-hour sleep routine. Argh! Getting closer!!! :)

screenshot of ļ£æ Watch sleep report