OK. Got that 2021 Starbucks PH planner already. I can go back to my usual home-brewed coffee. :)

Can’t wait for 1Password 7.7 drops on Mac App Store.

“ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” - JFK #NasaanAngCommonSense

Craving for some british scones… I remember getting them easily at Sainsbury’s.

Just reverted back to the normal Big Sur branch. Will go back to beta next year. :)

Planning on ending my Hulu subscription this month but that Hardy Boys trailer might make me extend - wish it is as good as the original books

I wonder if the Micro.blog iOS app and Gluon iOS app are enabled to automagically be available on the Mac. I know there is a Micro.blog Mac app, but having the same app on iPhone and Mac would surely be good to have. :)

Are they finally home? 🖖 #StarTrekDiscovery 📺

And oh, i also re-enabled Unbound on my Pi-Hole to reduce dependence on third-party DNS servers.

For several days now, sites have been slow to load (though downloads are not much of an issue) on my home network. Isolated it and found the culprit, my Firewalla was acting up. Nuked it - and now monitoring if the slow load problem re-appears. So far, so good.

Halfway there… creating a disk image of a 64GB Rapsberry Pi back-up SD card

Upgraded to LittleSnitch 5. Now running it on Big Sur beta.