Just got an email from cortana@microsoft.com - drats! scrolled down, looked for UNSUBSCRIBE and unsubscribed with the comment “STOP SNOOPING!”. THIS is not cool, Microsoft! This should be OPT-IN, so F* OPT-OUT.

Can’t blame me for not trusting these applications - privacy by design is a must! Can’t be an afterthought mb.com.ph

Update your pi-hole install - Pi-Hole v5.2, AdminLTE v5.2 and FTL v5.3.1 are now available.

Crushed the Apple Watch Activity Challenge for Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and relatives.

So which one is OPT OUT? This is another example of dark pattern. Yeah, Amazon is a practitioner of the dark arts. LOL

Am craving for plant-based burger 🍔 but the BK branches near me don’t have them right now. 😂

Protonmail for iOS v. 1.12.7 can now be used as default email client. Nice!

Took out $20 from my earnings from that teeny weeny micro BTC ‘profit’ that I got. :)

Tried the plant-based Good Burger from Shakey’s. It isn’t bad. Not bad at all!