This is what 100Mbps PLDT Home Fibr is like when tested outside of the PLDT internal network.

Episode 2 of Earth at Night in Color is about the tarsiers. Seen them in Bohol, but they’re always sleeping (being nocturnal). Now, this episode shows them active! :)

I highly recommend watching Coded Bias and learn about AI’s impact and issues.

Wow! Did not know you can transfer @getmatterapp’s audio to the HomePod Mini by the usual magical gesture :)

Ah, it was just a hiccup. @Flickr is ok. Though love that panda photo. haha

So Raspberry Pi just introduced a $5 fan for its Raspberry Pi 4 official case. I sure wish that @Apple will do something similar with the M1 - look, Ma, no fan! - but on “maker” board, but unfortunately, it is not their target market. hahaha!