Facebook is speaking up for small business, who they have not killed, copied or acquired yet, against Apple’s App Privacy Labels. Surfacing the data being collected and used by applications is being painted as bad for business – why? Because Facebook.

.@Smugmug it is time to build a new mobile app for @Flickr that rivals Instagram. When will you save us from the Facebook data vampire? :)

Time to check what data are being processed by Apple, Facebook, Zoom, Viber, Signal, etc. mb.com.ph

And here’s the Google app… Google hiding what data they’re collecting? Scary!

And here’s Instagram. Yes, health and fitness data is being collected. Why? Because they can and because YOU give it to them. #DeleteInstagram #DeleteFacebook

Be afraid! Be very afraid! Look what data that Facebook app is collecting. #DeleteFacebookNow

app privacy label of facebook app on ios/ipados

Why is Google not providing the App Privacy details on their assets, Gmail, Google app, etc.? When will @Apple kick them out of the iOS App Store?

Limited to 5 at the moment, but full end-to-end encrypted video calls on Signal is welcome! An alternative for cross-platform video calling! signal.org/blog/grou…

Read the Privacy Policy twice

PH startups need to ensure that they respect the privacy of their clients. A privacy policy that contains “We will not disclose your personal information outside of BLEEP and its affiliates and accredited partners without your consent. We do not sell, rent, or lease personal information or our customer lists to third parties.” without disclosing who these affiliates and accredited partners are is not reassuring. If you are partnering with a known criminal syndicate, we don’t know, but still “legal” as per your privacy policy, right?

Having “The information we collect may be combined with information obtained from other sources and other companies.” is also not reassuring. What information? From which sources and companies?

I would say - REVIEW the privacy policy BEFORE entering into a contract with this one. I’d definitely advise anyone from doing business with this company, specially if it means routing your private phone calls through them.

Multi-tasking, which I don’t like doing, right now - 2 webinars and coordinating with dev team. :)