Modified settings for Resilio Sync to continue backing up photo from new iPhone. Also modifying cron jobs to back-up photos on another drive and encrypting & backing up to two cloud storage services.

Wrote a Shortcut to get the URL of a particular photo from my public Flickr photostream. Am planning to use Flickr more to get others to ditch Instagram for Flickr.

Second cup of ☕️ is brought to you by @Starbucks @StarbucksPH #coffee

starbucks christmas blend 2020 espresso roast whole beans

Today’s second cup of ☕️ is brought to you by the coffee farmers in Benguet, Philippines 🇵🇭 #coffee

pour over coffee from benguet, philippines

Saw Wonder Woman 1984 and my favorite parts are the first few minutes when Diana was a kid and the last seconds after the movie. Still prefer the origin story better - has lots of fight scenes.

Prepping for Christmas dinner - fixing potatoes, 🍰 baking in the oven, and soon firing up the grill :)

Thank you, and we are looking forward to 2021, @smugmug and @flickr. The internet desperately needs an instagram replacement (without that darn tracking). Make it so please.…

Apple and privacy in 2010. The open web is still here, right? It is not a threat to the open web - Facebook and Google are!

If you cannot ditch GMail, at least ditch the application. Check out @SpikeNowHQ - free for education, too!

Telecommunications is highly regulated in the Philippines - with foreign ownership tightly regulated and controlled. What is the most popular communication media used in the Philippines? Facebook through the telcos. Isn’t there something amiss here?

If the left are truly after social good and against foreign colonialism, why aren’t they against Facebook, a digital colonialist, in the Philippines? When are they going to rally?…