Done updating to iOS 14.4, iPadOS 14.4, watchOS 7.3, and tvOS 14.4. :) Now updating HomePods.

Apple’s “Time to Walk” would be more interesting if they’d get the cast of Ted Lasso to start, followed by the stars on their Apple TV+ line-up. It might boost Apple TV+ subs as well.

Who is the Shawn Mendes invading my Apple Watch Workout app? How can I get rid of him?

The first post did not attach the image. Here it is again - hoping this becomes a streak :)

All Apple IDs configured with 2FA before the deadline. :)

Not on the iOS 14.4 beta right now - those on beta, does 5G work when you have both SIMs active?

Project Loon just popped. tsk tsk. Typical Alphabet/Google.

watchOS 7.3 will bring ECG support for Apple Watch series 4 and above sold in the Philippines!

Interesting project that Beep thing. For $10/mo that breaks Signal’s E2E encryption (only end to bridge encryption done), that might not be a good idea. Beep has E2EE to server, server has E2EE to Signal (but within the server is another thing).

Dismantled a Western Digital external drive that won’t mount anymore, and then I bought a $20 all-in-one HDD cloning device. Now I am copying its contents to another drive via the Raspberry Pi. :)