OK, now it is time to prepare my fizzy lemon water. :)

Right after breakfast - a cuppa joe - on an old Ember mug.

February 2021 Photoblogging Challenge Day 2: morning beverage

Checked Exposing.ai to see if my Flickr account was used by facial recognition companies - good thing it wasn’t. Could not say the same for those I follow, though.

Minimizing what can be tracked when I’m traveling overseas, which I won’t be doing for quite some time.

February 2021 photoblogging challenge :)

tiny phone posted on Flickr

I’ve seen a lot of teachers and students use Canva. Now step back and check it out – themarkup.org/blacklight will tell you if you can trust it. #StopSurveillance

Enjoying a venti-sized home-made fizzy-cold brew after 90-minutes of garden clean-up. :)

Weekend cooking. Done with the pancit canton for lunch. Ha! Pork sinigang for dinner later. :)

Initial observation — Smart’s 5G is fast when accessing YouTube, but slow as molasses when downloading from the iOS App Store. I exaggerate, but it is slow (like on 3G).

This Week in Tech mentioned that ICQ is back – but then again, it is owned by MAIL.RU. Hmmm…