For All Mankind season 2 is now live 📺  TV+

Deleted 15GB of encrypted data off of the Google Drive. A couple of Zoom recordings remain - around 4GB.

I wonder if this weather is courtesy of the typhoon or it is just windy today. Love this kind of weather. :) February 2021 Photoblog Challenge

In bed whilst attending an online meeting. Can only be done at home. WFH 🙌

Day 18: at home

Relaxing in bed

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Turn away from sin and believe in the Gospel

It is the time of year. #Lent February 2021 Photoblog Challenge

I don’t drink sugar water anymore, I prefer just plain still water, but every once in awhile, I miss the fizz, so I just make fizzy water.

Day 17: still

Fizzy water

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Compassion is not a distinct emotion (Shaver, 1987)- but is it a combination of the very basic ones?

Day 14: Compassion

What is compassion?

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I had the luxury of using a dev phone for Clubhouse. Did not allow it to access the Contacts until @ajdumanhug was looking for an invite. Good thing his number is the only one there (aside from mine). App deleted for privacy reasons.

Zuckerberg is a one-hit wonder. This is why he is scared the heck out of privacy moves by Apple and regulation by gov’t February 2021 Photoblog Challenge

Today’s (Day 12) word is “sporg” - that organism that grows on spent coffee grounds (note: I made this up).


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Fake Friday feels – procrastinating. LOL. Long weekend ahead.

Netflix app on Apple TV 4K keeps on logging out. Anybody figured out how to fix this? It is super annoying.