Hoping that I’d have an extended streak, it only lasted for three consecutive nights last week. Time to revisit what I did last week that gave me full 8 hours of sleep.

Congratulations, PH start-up Moveup.app for winning Asean Startup Awards. Now if you please do the ethical thing and remove the trackers that leak data to Facebook and Google, then it’d be better. themarkup.org/blackligh…

Experiment number 3: steaming pampano in Instant Pot for 25 minutes. Let’s see how this goes. LOL

Philippine-strain of the COVID-19 virus is now in the UK. ARGH! Borders need to be closed off again!

Swell, a personal audio broadcasting app, is getting featured by tech media as a different take on audio-only social network. However, check this out - themarkup.org/blackligh… trackers and third-party cookies galore. The app collects Location info.

For a moment there I thought I read “techJOKING” Ha!

Clubhouse is finally allowing those early adopters to request the deletion of the contacts data hoovered by the app. Is it time to revisit it? :)

His Holiness @Pontiflex celebrates Holy Mass and commemorating 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines

Thanks to micro.blog/Burk I got OpenAudible and have downloaded audiobooks for conversion and archiving. Weird that even with 32GB RAM and 4GB Radeon GPU - converting is extremely slow.

Another night, another 8-hours of #sleep. Need to keep this streak going…

quick question: how does your website or blog looks like when accessed using a text-based browser like lynx?