weekend tasks - moving nameservers from one to another. tsk tsk.

Now I have pfSense running in front of the main Eero gateway node. Gives me room to do more on the network.

Took this opportunity to re-configure my home network right after telco (@PLDT_Cares) fixed my Fibr connection after 5.5 days! (1/2)

BFN Hey.com. See you in 6 months - 14-days to get used to the workflow is simply not enough haha. I guess the next thing to try is Sanebox.

I don’t like using Clubhouse as at this point, it is discriminatory (Android users are discriminated against). Now add this issue, and it becomes worse. medium.com/forbes/cl…

“Test from Shortcut. HT @moondeer for the tip. Was missing the post-status, that was why i was getting errors”

I’d start a microcast but I figured that I don’t like hearing my own voice… and I laugh too much. :)

Ah… Hey.com reminding me that my trial is almost over…

Just found a Notion alternative that does not have trackers and can be self-hosted focalboard. Will give it a try when I get my Fibr back up.

Some changes on my home screen - notice only one telco signal instead of two? Well, iOS 14.5 with dual-SIM 5G support is still not released. C’mon.

iOS 14.4.2 iPadOS 14.4.2 watchOS 7.3.3 now out. Must upgrade to fix possibly actively exploited security vulnerability.

Calls 📺 on  TV+ s one heck of a production. Like a podcast but watch the visualizations as well. Binge watch worthy. :)