Just deployed my own FreshRSS.org instance in preparation for NetNewsWire support on iOS. Mac version already pointed to my own FreshRSS.org instance. :)

Forty mm Apple Watch series 5 battery at 44% 12-hours running (35 minute workout included). Is it within normal range?

C’mon, @Apple. I don’t dance - how can I get that International Dance Day challenge badge????

Ever reliable and always trusted haveibeenpwned.com (HIBP) now allows you to check if your mobile phone number is part of the 533M Facebook data leak. I can vouch that the PH numbers are there now. haveibeenpwned.com

I remember several research projects trying to recognize and identify emotions when students take exam, play games, etc. I avoided doing something like it for ethical reasons. www.theguardian.com/technolog…

Are there @halidecamera app users here? What’s your workflow like? So used to the stock camera app that the workflow is overly simple. :)

Due to one missed configuration, I ended up moving my domain’s nameservers (been planning to do this for quite sometime, though). Glad that I did transfer and also transferred another work domain off of a shared account. :)

if you haven’t seen Calls on Apple TV+, go binge-watch it. :)