Season 2 of “Tiny World” and “Earth at Night in Color” are now up on  TV+ 📺

Watching #ForAllMankind 📺 but checking out if the special episode of #MythicQuest is now live… where is it?

Will this start the first lunar war? S02E09 #ForAllMankind 📺

Ohh… optimized battery charging for Airpods Pro… did not notice this before. Nice.

Woot! Pi-hole FTL v.5.8, Web v.5.5 and Core v.5.3 released - bug fixes, improvements and new darker theme (love this). Updated my instance, update yours now.

Can’t wait for the #AppleEvent next week - AirTags and iOS 14.5! Bring it!

The high cost of switching is what PH telcos are familiar with - they’re stalling the implementation of mobile number portability, right? And they are in bed with Facebook, too. Double whammy for Filipinos!…

Why of course! Your health data is the next frontier for Google! Imagine how much advertising money it can charge pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, etc.…

I miss having my RSS newsreader download feeds from a list of personal blogs from friends and writers I follow. And no, I will not follow them on Facebook or Instagram. If you have an active personal blog, micro or otherwise, please let me know. :)

Been planning on getting an e-bike for quite some time already, but with nowhere to go (yeah, I’d rather just stay at home than get infected), I guess I have to wait longer. So, should I just get a Nintendo Switch then? :)

The PH Dept of Health needs to understand that partnering with the likes of Facebook to battle anti-vaccine and other COVID-19 related disinformation is useless. Facebook promotes the disinformation more than the fact-checked articles. Tell citizens to STOP using Facebook!