So sneaky Chrome sometimes uses Google’s DNS instead of what you have configured. Whilst I don’t use Chrome, I am blocking Google’s public DNS nonetheless.

Using @Overcastfm to download @MacBreakWeekly but it is requiring a connection to, a tracker, which is blocked by and (but not @ControlDNS). This is NOT good.

Anybody using the iOS app? Having issues with Share Sheet - hit or miss for me. Wish Gluon has Share Sheet support.

So we wait until June’s WWDC event for the higher-end Macbook Pro and higher end iMacs (iMac Pro?) - are we getting M2 chips?

Anybody tried running Raspberry Pi OS on Parallels on M1 Mac? How is it?

Zucka will be on Platformer’s Sidechannel to go on full-on PR campaign before Apple releases iOS 14.5, which will negatively affect Facebook’s tracking and third-party data collection.

What do you know? Tinkering with NextDNS.Io again, (after checking out since it is cheaper than controlD, and my NextDNS issue has been resolved. Nice.

Updated pfSense router, installs and searx instance – Linux servers all updated, too. #MondayVibes

Is this week the kick Facebook in the face week? Can’t wait for iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 to drop.

Only Denis is a career undersecretary, when the law says TWO of three must be. And the law defines three, and now how many undersecretaries are there at DICT? What is the Senate and House doing about this disrespect of the law?

Vanessa is gone from the series? Time to leave, too. #VanHelsing 📺