Apple’s International Dance Day Challenge is the Apple Watch challenge that I skipped - I don’t dance! LOL

Whoa! Why, Google, why? Give the researcher the bounty! This clearly is a big deal, c’mon! Your Exposure Notification framework exposes logs, and it is NOT good!…

Anybody successfully calibrated video and audio on their Apple TV 4K? @reneritchie? @imore?

Hmm was able to calibrate the Apple TV HD but the Apple TV 4K and iPhone 12 Pro won’t sync for some reason. Rebooted both already. Hmm… any ideas?

Please make tomorrow the “kick Facebook in the nuts” day. iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 please.

If you don’t want to get those notifications asking you about app tracking after you get iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 later this week (tomorrow?), then make sure this is OFF. No nagging and definitely NO tracking period.

Does Apple act as a proxy when you download podcast episodes using the Apple Podcast app?

Trying out @ControlDNS global proxy feature and it works! :)

Security tip: If you updated to Firefox 88, type “about:config” and search for “pdfjs”. Look for pdfjs.enableScripting and toggle it to FALSE. This protects you from automatically executing embedded javascripts on PDFs!