Apple needs to fix the app store – the review process is inconsistent and the rules are not clear. The App Store needs to weed out scam apps and malware. Apple needs to make auto-renewal of subscription to have a toggle that users need to set and it should be OFF by default.

The iOS App Store approval process is the one that is highly contested. Apple needs to work on this and make it more transparent and consistent.

As for the fee, it is reasonable to have it - the infrastructure (hosting, payment gateway, keeping it secure) it provides costs something (not to mention they’re trusted by users). As to whether or not 30% is reasonable is up for debate.

The iOS App Store is not perfect and Apple needs to invest in weeding out scam apps and malware — they should incentivize reporting of scam apps and malware to help keep the store clean, similar to a bug bounty.

It is so much easier on the iPhone and iPad with just one store. Imagine having multiple app stores, maintaining different accounts, trusting different app stores, and there is no guarantee that these app stores will be malware free or scam free either.

It is so much easier and convenient to get software on the Mac App Store. If it is not on the MAS, I think twice or thrice before handing my personal details to the developer. It is easier (and to me safer) to get it from one App Store.

Every time I get a new Mac, I install everything from scratch. It is a pain to look for those license codes, and sometimes you need to look for the receipt to get the software from the developer. Yeah, I keep them on @1Password.

The Dept of Labor and Employment and Civil Service Commission should start crafting guidelines for government agencies

Yay! Replacement iPad Pro Magic Keyboard is here!

Waiting for the replacement iPad Pro Magic Keyboard to arrive.

Installed FreedomBox from the repo on a fresh RPiOS lite, but had some configuration issues. Will have to park it and try again another day.

Tried on a RPi 3B+ that I have and for some reason, the FreedomBox crashes after booting up.

Can we extend the weekend for another 24 hours at least?

Glad to know that fellow faculty members are now getting their vaccination schedules. Am still waiting for the time they allow dependents to be vaccinated — until then, I can wait.

Oh C’mon! 39C and rising… this weather is killing me. Freezer can’t make enough ice for me and my brood. Tsk tsk.

At the Spring Loaded event, Apple teased us with Ted Lasso’s shortbread recipe. The internet found the complete recipe online, so asked my daughter to whip up a batch. :) End result ain’t bad. Best paired with cold-brew coffee.

Tomorrow - my own take on the Ube latte. :)

Home-made shrimp, garlic and moringga pizza 🍕 for lunch. No fresh basil, so used sub instead.

Was not quick enough to take photos. Yum!

Whoa! Rails is in trouble, too? No Basecamp iOS team, so good luck with app updates (but then again, they hate iOS/iPAdOS anyway).

Just to run Chrome? Hell no!

Would you pay $30 a month for a faster web browser that eats less battery? - The Verge

New social media strategy starting tomorrow. Don’t ask me about the strategy. Haha. :)

Did not get much sleep last night due to hot and humid weather. Soaking in the sun right now to get some vitamins.