That was it? #LineOfDuty finale was rushed and a bit disappointing. Was expecting a different “H”… oh well, will miss the AC12 Team and Kate :) 📺

FECESbook was quick to shutdown the ads of Signal, but couldn’t be that fast when it comes to disinformation. Why?

If you value your freedom of expression, then own your content - create your website or a blog, self-host if you can - don’t be held hostage by the likes of FECESbook

Epic: Why 30% fee? Apple: huh? same as others, didn’t you know that? Epic: but Apple is different because you have lots of profit, so gimme a piece of that pie ROTFL…

This clearly shows #EPICFAILGAMES is doing this for them and not every developer. Purely powered by greed. If Apple gives them a deal, #EPICFAILGAMES will abandon the Coalition members LOL.…

So happy that I stuck it out with Fastmail and Protonmail instead of getting swayed by the marketing of!

Looking for a local supplier of ostrich meat. Any leads? :)

Success! Wyze cam is back online - now where to put this… :) Data saved locally.

Reviving an old Wyze cam… now flashing new firmware.

I wonder how my home-made avocado+chia+allulose ice cream is doing… will be tasting it later. :)

The Melinda and Bill divorce - will that mean that the patent for one of the vaccines will be waived and shared with the world now?

Apple’s decision not to implement every single web standard (which was influenced by Google mostly) is not because it hates its users, but because of the potential for abuse. Google implements them all in Chrome, and Firefox (which is funded partly by Google) does the same.

If anything, I hope that Apple reduces the commission to 12% as well.

Your Mac needs some fixing, too. MacOS 11.3.1 now available. Update now.

Serious bug fixes. Update now. iOS 14.5.1 and iPadOS 14.5.1 available.

Despite the issues of the app store, I am still rooting for them against the greedy #EPICFAIL. Create your own device!