A couple of friends are having their first babies and this guide might help them preserve the memories created every second, every minute. Just don’t be a SHARENT. news.smugmug.com/new-to-ph…

This is awesome! Now do Mosquito Coast :) 📺 apps.apple.com

The Mythic Quest Team’s Essential Apps: Which apps would power the team behind the world’s biggest game? Tap to see.

Got a refurbished iPhone 7 and 8, but will wait a couple of weeks for it to get to me. 📱

To all mothers (and those who stand in as moms), happy mother’s day.

Which animation do you prefer when you hit that @Duckduckgo fire button? I prefer the Inferno!

Watching one of my favorite cop families. Blue Bloods S11E14. 📺

Today’s afternoon snack is frozen avocado with chia and a drizzle of honey.

If (when?) Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs come in color, give me that pacific blue model please.

#WorldPasswordDay create protonmail.com account, enable multi-factor authentication and save it on @1Password. Subscribe to @simple_login (save credentials on @1password) and link your protonmail.com account. Now create unique aliases to subscribe to online services.

For change, instead of having cold-brew coffee, I am having hot lemon-ginger tea. :)

Apple having an App Store “preferred developers club” debunks their “every developer is treated the same”.

Made pork adobo for dinner. Can’t wait for the twice cooked adobo flakes version on garlic 🧄 fried rice 🍚 tomorrow

Home-made avocado ice cream 🥑🍦verdict — will make one again LOL.

Don’t forget, enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and avoid using SMS when possible. #WorldPasswordDay

Pair a unique password with a unique email address. I use @1Password and @Simple_login #WorldPasswordDay

The avocado ice cream I made is frozen solid that I now have to wait for it to thaw a bit so I can taste it. 🥑🍦