Is this is a face-saving marketing ploy for inclusiveness after, you know, that Ethical AI team brouhaha? Besides, this should have been done on DAY 1, right? Remember the gorilla pics?…

Interesting streaming music scene play by Apple - lossless audio at no additional cost, unlike others. I don’t care about lossless, really, am waiting for spatial audio more. :)

Found my old geek group at — if you know PLUG, join us there :)

Fourth and final season of Castlevania 🦇 🧛‍♀️ 🧛‍♂️ 🧛 📺

It looks like the ruling will be that Apple must allow developers to inform users where they can pay for services, games, etc., outside of the App Store, without requiring Apple to allow third-party app stores.

Subscription services (newsletters, podcasts, etc.) claim that you pay so you won’t get tracked, but their add-on service is a Discord service that collects and tracks anyway.

Earthquake that lasted a few seconds made our planning workshop facilitator to pause for a bit with each participant who felt it sounding off.

Woke up and am 12 minutes short of my deep sleep goal. Affected my morning jog - was 2 minutes/mi slower than usual.

Excited to see a new feature, Bookshelves. Now what about those who love watch TV series and movies? :)

It is time for Apple to awaken the beast and release the kraken that is the M1 iPad Pro when they announce iPadOS 15 next month! So much potential, shackled by the restricted OS.

Dang! I miss steak & kidney pie 🥧. Wondering where I can order one locally. Hmmm.