Yay! Mom and sister got their first AstraZeneca jab.

What is the best Chromebook make and model that can be totally nuked and installed with Linux?

Almost forget that I have Ubuntu running on an old Acer laptop. Time to update. :)

1mm of rain in the next 12 hours? Can we make that 1cm please?

Today, I will be lazy hahah but I am praying that my mom and sister will be fine after getting their first vaccine dose later today.

EPICFAIL wants developers to sell apps either exclusively on their store or on multiple stores with different fees - more effort, too. And no, if EPICFAIL hosts half of the App Store - good luck curating it!

TGIF! I get to work on my Raspberry Pi weekend project

When replying to an email and you are quoting it, don’t be lazy! Remove everything after the signature - the disclaimer and all the other garbage, like company logos, etc.

The search is on for a sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free ice cream. Boring much? Hahaha

Will coffee be enough to fuel me for the 5 Zoom meetings marathon tomorrow? Zoom meeting drains you fast, add the summer heat and your energy depletes faster. think I will need to sit on a block of ice to survive!

I wish that iOS 15 on-boarding allows us to select default search engine, browser, mail client, music app, and podcast client.

Android 12 has features that I’d want Apple to copy for iOS 16 (iOS 15 feature set is a done deal with WWDC next month), such as, camera and mic on/off toggle, privacy dashboard, too.

Am so not looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting line-up — 5 consecutive (2 even overlap!) Zoom meetings!