The WWDC 2021 keynote will be packed again — will they keep it at 60 minutes or do the usual keynote length? Excited to find out new features, and also some pre-emptive moves to address anti-trust concerns. :)

Can’t get anything done this weekend. Feels like 47C is a killer!

Sun Microsystems, Inc. is one the tech companies that I love. Sad that their HQ is now occupied by one of the tech companies that I would like to fold-up soon.


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Weekend! Do I revisit the FreedomBox RPi project or finish binge watching Ragnarok season 2, Solos and Eden? Hahah

Time to relax and watch the FRIENDS reunion on HBO Max :)

Season 2 of Ragnarok is now up on Netflix. Scheduled for weekend binge watch. :)

I know it is possible, but could no longer remember where the setting is — how do you unsync Apple TV apps so two or more TVs won’t have the same applications?

Tonight’s total Lunar eclipse is simply spectacular. I wish I have the equipment to capture a decent photo of this beauty.

I think the Apple vs EpicFAIL remedy will be that Apple will have to drop the provision that prevents developers from informing users that there is an alternative way to purchase, but not open up the ecosystem by forcing Apple to allow alternative app stores nor side-loading.

Was trying to figure out why port forwarding was not working on pfsense, only to find out that my telco hid me behind CGNAT!! Good thing I got it removed.

Anybody using Apple Podcast app? Does it sync with the other devices, I.e., I can start on iPhone, continue on iPad and then HomePod and back?

iOS 14.6, iPadOS 14.6, watchOS 7.5, MacOS 11.4, tvOS 14.6 applied… now updating HomePods to 14.6.

Ok - done with pressure cooking beef ribs using the instant pot. All up to my kids to cook whatever they’re planning for dinner later. :)

Time to back-up your Apple devices. New OS updates dropping in less than 24 hours. :)