When will the Philippine government take note of this - oh wait, it is working to their advantage, that is why they’re not doing anything about it :: www.wired.com/story/opi…

Finally, AMP, yeah that garbage technology used to capture website traffic (and user metadata) for Google, is no longer required by Google’s search ranking. www.sistrix.com/blog/core…

IT people managing enterprise wifi networks - if you require MAC address registration - Private Address setting on iOS and iPadOS might cause problems for your users.

iOS and iPadOS applications are updating to support widgets and watch complications! If you have multiple devices and you have not set it up yet, enable Sharing-Content Caching on one of your Macs on your network. Saves you a couple of MBs of download. :)

Upgrade your macOS Safari to Safari v.14, and get the Privacy Report on every website you visit. Prepare to get shocked. :)

If you are on iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 and you don’t like using Safari, you can change the default browser to @DuckDuckGo now. Note, don’t use Chrome, it is a tracker for Google. LOL.

And just like that - the 2020 iPad Pro is now slow.

Hurry, don’t forget to blur your properties flip.it

How to blur your house on Google Street View (and why you should)

Supposed to rest today… but started working on this Raspberry Pi project in the morning… giving myself another 30 minutes and then I will take a nap.

Uh-oh. @PrivacyPH look flip.it

Singapore Says Grab’s Fourth Privacy Breach Is Concerning

Applies to all democracies. flip.it

We can have social media as we know it, or we can have democracy

Survived my first day of classes today. Short Zoom meetings with students are way better than the “business” meeting I had in the afternoon.

As a classroom rule, you have 10 minutes buffer time to setup and connect to online classes. It is not as if you are coming from other buildings, right? No ikot/toki jeeps needed.

Now is a good time to take homeschooling seriously - parents are now learning/learner partners (after paying a fortune on tuition), why not just teach them yourself directly, parents? mb.com.ph/2020/09/1…

Whilst I do have a Twitter account, I couldn’t subject our students to the data collection done by Twitter - so Mastodon it is. (and no, definitely not FACEBOOK!) #CS10 #CS196 #CS198

Happy 30th Archie! :)

Ouch! Is this Zune all over again? www.wired.com/review/mi…

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix. yewtu.be/watch

What has Zuckerberg been drinking - Facebook is clearly destroying society everywhere, and he does not see it? www.theguardian.com/technolog…

Doing the right thing is not always easy, but he did it. Speaks volumes about others. www.washingtonpost.com

It is not that easy to keep tabs of the podcasts episodes - no more commute! Listening to a Star Trek podcast is tempting, but finding time to sit down and listen is another matter.

Can’t wait for the new season of Star Trek: Discovery youtu.be/70dm3WzNu… #StarTrekUnitedGives

Been watching the panel discussions for the last two hours! #StarTrekUnitedGives #StarTrek

This is not good. :( flip.it

Parents urged to keep children offline after suicide video posted on TikTok

Spot on! LOL # DeleteFacebook NOW www.geekculture.com/joyoftech…